"Coaching with Kirsten is incredible. She's so intuitive. She can take you anywhere." Calum Worthy


"Her critique is nothing short of brilliant and it is ultimately the reason why her students have such high booking rates."

Matteo Stefan (Riverdale)

"I don't know what you did to reignite the spark in my daughter but thank you."

Diane Newton, Mother of  Alisha Newton (Heartland)

I have seen immediate growth from students in her workshops  - which translates to successful auditions. 

Kara and I see Kirsten's students all the time.

Kris Woz, Casting Director (Wonder)

"Thank you master mentor, KC, for years of encouragement and love."

Julia Sarah Stone

"I've never studied under anyone like KC. I've never left class without learning something new about myself as a performer. I'm thankful every day to have such an amazing teacher & friend."

Lauren Hammersley (Mr. D, Alumni)


I want you to win awards and work with great artists.

Madeleine Arthur did when she worked with Amy Adams on "Big Eyes."

My system prepares you for the audition before you even get it. 

This work is about you and what you need.

If you are truthful, brave and dedicated I'll help you live your dream.

Each lesson is about YOU and what you need.

Unlike a class you don't work for 10 minute and watch for 3 hours.

It's all you.