Kirsten Clarkson

FOUR 1 - HOUR COACHINGS! An hour devoted to what YOU need as an actor.

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 Before you sign up for any of my sessions please ask yourself if you're willing to do the work. 

I coach actors who bring a high level of excellence to the work.

My lessons demand a lot from you. If you are not sure you want to act or you want to act for a hobby then I am not the coach for you. 

If you're curious, thoughtful, determined, committed and dedicated then these classes are for you.

One on One acting coaching makes a huge difference. 


I work closely with you to bring out your artistry, your genius, your unique ability. 

I am relentless. I push. I get you there. 

Dedicate yourself to Four 1 hour private coachings in 4 weeks and save 10%

All private coaching acting classes are online. Please email to book your time/s. 


You can book leads!

Like my client Daphne Hoskins here in a lead role with the talented Alyson Hannigan.